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My second appearance on Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb took place at 6:30 pm on April 12. It was less eventful than the first appearance, in which my phone decided to act up shortly after we had begun our Conversation. This time, new phone in hand, we quickly began our discussion of my books.

Cyrus seemed to want to talk about the fact that I am a woman of faith and what my faith has meant to me in writing and promoting my books. I got in a few points from time to time; for example, when I mentioned that God doesn’t destroy. Never has, never will. But sinners will perish—the last, to protect against being accused of teaching universalism. He talked too about my stroke. How has my faith enabled me to continue my work in spite of having a stroke?

Humm? What? I could only respond something like, Do cows eat grass? Do dogs bark? I am promoting the most beautiful message ever to come to planet earth. I suppose I’ll be promoting it with my dying breath, much less a disabling stroke. (Actually, I’m not so disabled; I just have a little trouble talking.)

And I suppose it’s newsworthy that we didn’t talk about Rob Bell and his book, Love Wins. A comparison might be that both our books ask similar questions. But my answers are definite. Bell asks the same questions, but has very few answers. According to the reviews I have read, he seems to lean in the direction of universalism, which he denies. But Cyrus didn’t ask any questions about that, so obviously I couldn’t answer them.

In summary, it was a “fair to middlin” interview; it got the name of the books out and where to get them, but the point that really stands out about the whole thing is that Cyrus Webb is the kindest, most considerate man interviewing on the radio today. And, yes, you may quote me.


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