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After what seems like a great, long time, working at a snail’s pace, I am pleased to announce that my prophecy DVDs are up on the Internet. I hope you will watch them, and if you do you’re in for a delightful surprise. Here is what some viewers said about them:

 “The Seventh Era Series is Amazing! Using the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and the conclusions of the Millerite and Adventist pioneers as a basis, Ms. Campbell has constructed a typical/antitypical timeline and a very plausible end-time scenario. Every Seventh Day Adventist should see this DVD series. It is an invaluable tool; a systematic and logical study of end time events, specifically designed for Seventh Day Adventists, that will aid them in preparing for the soon coming of Jesus.”      John, Wisconsin

“I’ve met with and listened to the author teach on Sabbaths for several years now, and it has always been such a treat to hear this expanded view of end-time events. I appreciate its agreement with the foundation laid in earlier days. This model of prophecy is the clearest and most reasonable I have ever seen.” Kathy, Idaho

“[There is] something new with each DVD. [It doesn’t] promise dollars and pay off in nickels. Any serious student of the Bible will find this material compelling. They may not agree but if they wish to rebut, they need to challenge a mountain of material… The result is a ‘mind blowing’ view of Earth’s final events.” Terry, Seattle

Thank you Marilyn. I have your DVD’s and they are great! Kelly, Somewhere

 Be sure to watch the videos in order. Otherwise, you will get confused and won’t receive the benefit from them that is there for you. So WATCH THEM IN ORDER! I have tried to make this easy for you by listing them in order. But if you watch them out of order, I take no responsibility for what you may THINK they say. The link is: http://www.AdventistApocalypse.com.

 [Perhaps I should say, that I am having some trouble with my webmaster. Ordinarily, he’s very reasonable, but perhaps because of the weight of business or for whatever reason, getting him to do anything on these DVDs has been like pulling teeth! There is still a lot wrong with them. For example, it’s not possible to go into YouTube and watch them in order. So I am still working with/on him to make the numbering correct so they can be watched in order on YouTube. With that in mind, you can still watch them in order by going into the above site and watching them that way, not being surprised by the occasional “glitch.”]






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For those who have read The Seventh Era: Advanced Prophecy for SDAs let me ask you this question: Is it right or wrong? Since no one has all the truth, are my prophetic understandings more right than wrong?

I dislike boasting, but I have to say, If my view of prophecy is correct, shouldn’t it be mentioned? A few days ago I got into a discussion of the slaughter of Ezekiel 9 and put it in the setting of my understanding of prophecy. The person with whom I was speaking implied I was fanatical for so doing. He spoke as though my interpretation of prophecy was flawed, as if it was one interpretation among many, and here I was giving it the status of truth.

For the benefit of all, yes, it is truth. I could say, I believe it to be truth, but that would not be strong enough to convey my belief in it. I went to a lot of trouble, spent a lot of money, even had a stroke, to make it readily available on the Internet. No one has yet shown me my error. Until they do, I will continue to believe and speak about events of prophecy within this setting.

Has any other Adventist told you what the warning is in Daniel 12? Have they informed you how the Seals, Angels, Trumpets, and Plagues go together? Has anyone else shown you what the Daniel 12 timelines mean and how they fit in with last-day events?

I remember once hearing a man remark, “Truth is always truth, even if no one believes it.” And in the case of this truth, it must be emphasized, it could save your life one day.

Assuming that all truth comes from Jesus, it might be said that these prophetic interpretations are that elusive truth which the “builders” rejected, but is destined to become the chief cornerstone. It’s always that way on planet earth.

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