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For those who have read The Seventh Era: Advanced Prophecy for SDAs let me ask you this question: Is it right or wrong? Since no one has all the truth, are my prophetic understandings more right than wrong?

I dislike boasting, but I have to say, If my view of prophecy is correct, shouldn’t it be mentioned? A few days ago I got into a discussion of the slaughter of Ezekiel 9 and put it in the setting of my understanding of prophecy. The person with whom I was speaking implied I was fanatical for so doing. He spoke as though my interpretation of prophecy was flawed, as if it was one interpretation among many, and here I was giving it the status of truth.

For the benefit of all, yes, it is truth. I could say, I believe it to be truth, but that would not be strong enough to convey my belief in it. I went to a lot of trouble, spent a lot of money, even had a stroke, to make it readily available on the Internet. No one has yet shown me my error. Until they do, I will continue to believe and speak about events of prophecy within this setting.

Has any other Adventist told you what the warning is in Daniel 12? Have they informed you how the Seals, Angels, Trumpets, and Plagues go together? Has anyone else shown you what the Daniel 12 timelines mean and how they fit in with last-day events?

I remember once hearing a man remark, “Truth is always truth, even if no one believes it.” And in the case of this truth, it must be emphasized, it could save your life one day.

Assuming that all truth comes from Jesus, it might be said that these prophetic interpretations are that elusive truth which the “builders” rejected, but is destined to become the chief cornerstone. It’s always that way on planet earth.

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Daniel 12

Daniel 12 breaks down into two major parts which divide at verse 5. Therefore, verses 1-4 concerns one subject–the Deliverance–and is about:

  • Michael’s standing up — Human probation closes.
  • An unprecedented time of trouble–From the time human probation closes to Deliverance.
  • At that time your people will be delivered–Deliverance.
  • Resurrection of both the wicked and the righteous–Special resurrection to occur at Deliverance.
  • Loud cry–When the teachers of righteousness will shine forth like Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai.

Daniel is told to seal the book. This information is for later, the very end of time.

However, Daniel isn’t satisfied. This doesn’t answer his main question, “How long?” which question his heavenly visitors now take up (verses 5 and 6). And the answer is in code. But it is the answer to Daniel’s main question: How long will it be until Jesus comes back for us? How long until the Second Coming of Christ?

Therefore, Daniel 12 contains all the pieces that play out at the very end of time. Only in the type does this return to play out in the Dark Ages. It defies logic to think that–in its primary application–this scripture veers off to take us back to a time that doesn’t end anywhere we want to go nor does it answer the question uppermost in the prophet’s mind. How long must we endure this order of things?

Therefore, Daniel 12 is about Deliverance followed by Second Coming.

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How far in time does Daniel 11 go? It says, “Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him”—a clear reference to Deliverance. And Daniel 12 continues, “At that time Michael will arise . . . and there will be a time of distress [trouble] such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then.” The question is asked, If Daniel 11:45 ends at Deliverance, why does Daniel 12:1 go back to Close of Probation, as it obviously does.

This is one of the most common devices of prophecy. It gives the broad sweep of history/prophecy, then goes back to fill in the details. For example, Daniel 2 gives the broad sweep, from the time of Babylon right up to the setting up of the kingdom of God. Then Daniel 7 goes back and fills in more detail. Just when you think you know it all, along comes Daniel 8 with more detail. And each time it fills in more information.

Daniel 11 moves forward in time to Deliverance. Then it goes back to COP and fills in more details, ending again at Daniel 12’s Deliverance.

It is important to keep in mind Spirit of Prophecy guidance regarding this portion of Daniel. She says,

The prophecy in the eleventh [chapter] of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment. Much of the history that has taken place in fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated. In the thirtieth verse a power is spoken of that ‘shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant. So shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant’ [verses 31-36 quoted]” (13 MR 394; Letter 103, 2/24/1904).

Therefore, based on this prophecy, we are safe in assuming that Daniel 11:29-36 is a dual prophecy. (The passage Spirit of Prophecy quotes begins in verse 29; it is not uncommon for Spirit of Prophecy to quote only part of a text of Scripture.) That would mean that beginning with verse 37 all the way to verse 45 refers principally to the final crisis—the antitype.

Next time we’ll deal with Daniel 12.

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